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March 30, 2016

A Spring Apartment Makeover

What’s that chirping noise? What are those colourful little things peeking up from the ground?

Wait…spring’s here! And as it stretches its warm fingers over the ground outside, encouraging life wherever it goes, our residents are doing the same thing. After all, why should the outdoors get all the fun? It’s a time of regrowth and refreshment, and… well… some of our personal living spaces could do with a bit of refreshing.
Here are a few springifying tips, tricks and pieces of advice some 44ers shared with us.

Let the Light In
The expansive windows at 44 Charles are awesome – so embrace them! Sunlight greatly effects both our physical and emotional health, and chances are that we didn’t get enough over the winter. Of course, privacy is important as well, so we like to switch out the old curtains for new, sheer drapes that throw colour across the room. Go gossamer, especially in bright yellows, pinks and greens. No matter how many floors up off the ground you may be, you can still feel connected to the vibrant life flowing through the city. It could also be a great opportunity to re-arrange some furniture using the sun as your point of reference. See where those primo beams fall, then make sure your comfiest chair is ideally positioned.

Flower Power
Fresh-cut or planted, bulbs or perennials: it’s time to festoon your apartment. That stoic little cactus that held down the fort all winter did his job, and now it’s time for his retirement. So what will replace him? Well, we’re particularly partial to crocuses this time of year, but lilies, daffodils and petunias are all perfect for spring. Flowers add life to any space, and the scents they share are usually less intrusive than scented candles or air fresheners. Window boxes, planters and pots can be works of art as well, so have fun when choosing home for your new floral friends.

New Season, New Palette
Infuse your whole life with spring. Your linens, your kitchenware and even your furniture are all great candidates for a seasonal makeover, coordinating colours with bold, bright greens, yellows, violets and pinks. In fact, colour gurus Pantone have some ideas about this spring’s palette. Springtime shouldn’t end at the front lobby, or even your bedroom door. It’s more than just a meteorological phenomenon: it’s a way of life! Pillowcases and throws can be the most economical method of embracing the season. If you don’t want to commit to the total spring makeover, a few touches here and there can make a world of difference: subtle floral prints, pastels and natural, organic shapes.
From everyone here at 44 Charles, we’d like to remind you to stop and smell the roses – and maybe even bring one back for your crib.