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Image of the living room in Suite 1509
January 26, 2016

At home in 44 Charles with Nicholas Rosaci

Once in a while, we’ll bring in a celebrity designer to stage a suite for us and give our residents a few good ideas they can apply to their own places.

Late last year, it was Nicholas Rosaci’s turn and he didn’t disappoint. He showed why he’s one of Toronto’s most sought-after interior designers and why he’s a regular on CityLine — Canada’s premier daytime lifestyle program.

But what separates Nicolas from his contemporaries is his unique brand of DIY style. His “accessible” approach to interior design has made him incredibly popular with the young and tasteful — exactly the kind of people we see moving in every month.

In fact, we already know of two newcomers to 44 Charles who took inspiration from what he did and redesigned their spaces — which was, and is, the whole point of the series. We’re glad it’s working.

About the look

“I wanted to create a space that was young, daring and sophisticated; an image of hip city style with classic details and fresh thinking.”

The first thing Nicholas did was line up some retail partners, and he started with Urban Barn. He described it as “comfortable luxury within reach,” and he’s bang on. “They have a wide assortment of furnishings and accessories to create a spectacular on-trend space,” he said — and he took full advantage.

Then he turned his attention to the Manulife Centre retailers.

He tapped Gobelins Fine Linens on the concourse level of Manulife Centre for the sheets because, in his words, “that’s where you go for sheets.”

Image of a bed

“What a fabulous selection for such a small store,” said Nicholas. “They understand fabric and how different people respond to different feels. You don’t find that at department stores.”

For hi-fi, Nicholas naturally went to town at Bay Bloor Radio, a Manulife Centre anchor tenant and the authority on turning a living space into a movie theatre/concert hall/dance club.

Image of a TV, speakers and turntable

“They’re the icon,” says Nicholas. “Everything in there looks great, and looks even better when you bring it home.”

As for the super lux kitchen, having William Ashley right downstairs made stocking it easy. And while he was there, Nicholas found the perfect tableware for entertaining — because the feel is just as important as the food.

Image of a cutting board and knives on a kitchen counter

About the building

“Manulife Centre’s an “it” location in this city,” said Nicholas with a smile. “It’s a million-dollar address, and I was honoured to be asked to add my two cents.”

The suite Nicholas worked on (1509) has gone back to its original look and feel, but all the pics from Nicholas’s take on decorating are available on our Pinterest page <link to new Pinterest boards>, along with some fabulous renovating/decorating advice.

And if you like what you see in the blog, on Pinterest or on Twitter, book a tour of 44 Charles Street, and see the indoor pool, the library, the exercise room and, of course, the many furnished suites.