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December 11, 2015

Merry, Merry Manulife

It’s holiday party season around here and we can smell it on every floor. Every night, someone’s coming up something fabulous — the other day on 18, the aroma of shortbread was so magical that our security guard did two passes. If that was you and you’re reading this, please (please, please) tweet the recipe to @Explore_44.

Not to be left out, our friends downstairs at Manulife Centre are setting up a little party of their own called 12 Days of Bloor and Better. From December 11th through to the 22nd, the Bloor Street entrance will be transformed into a festive holiday lounge complete with holiday movies, cooking demos, gift ideas and a big comfy space to relax.

More and more of our residents are work-from-home kind of people. If that’s you and you feel the need for a break in the middle of the day, the holiday lounge will be a great place to hit up. First of all, it’s clear on the other side of the mall so you’ll get a bit of exercise in. And, if you time it right, you’ll be fed with holiday snacks and drinks to give you a bit of a boost. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed @Explore_44 for a schedule of events.

If you live at 44 Charles, you already know that you can get just about anywhere without going outside. But you could come down to the holiday lounge in your slippers if you wanted. But make sure they’re fun, funky holiday slippers that put smiles on faces.

How many people can say they have a professional gift wrapper in their building? You can if you live at 44 Charles. Starting December 5th, you can have anything you buy here wrapped perfectly and ready for placing under the tree, the bush or the Festivus pole. And if you have friends coming to visit you, let them know there’s free valet parking starting December 6th.

The perks of living here get better by the day, and the holiday lounge promises to be one of the best. Ho ho hope to see you there!