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January 23, 2018

Renting in Toronto: 44 Charles might be perfect for you if…

You’re a University of Toronto student and you don’t want to live in the Annex

The west side of campus is only a few blocks away, and while the rent’s a bit more than you’d pay in the Annex, you’ll get so much more, like a games room, a library, an indoor pool, a fitness centre and the ability to catch a flick at the Cineplex Varsity & VIP Cinema in your slippers.


You work downtown

The TTC’s right here, but you can just as easily walk or bike downtown. Running errands is way easier here too because of Manulife Centre downstairs. You’d have a dry cleaner, a pharmacy, a grocery store and an LCBO in your building, not to mention a furniture shop, a convenience store and a post office. Oh, and Toronto’s first Eataly and Yorkville’s Over the Rainbow are slated to move in in 2019!


You’re done with the suburbs

Just want to pay your rent and enjoy your life in the city? This neighbourhood makes it easy.

Museums and art galleries are all around, the shopping’s fantastic on the Mink Mile and just north in Yorkville. And what the local restaurant scene lacks in density it more than makes up for in quality, like at The One Eighty upstairs here on the 51st floor. The chef’s talented, the dining room’s comfortable and elegant, and the view’s without a doubt the best in town.


You’re thinking of buying a home in Toronto but you’re not sure

Being right in the middle of the city puts you in walking distance from four great neighbourhoods to explore: Little Italy, Rosedale, Summerhill and the Annex. Or hop on either subway line and check out the rest. Although, the longer you live at Bay and Bloor, the more you’ll want to keep it close.


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