New to Toronto? Welcome!

First, great choice. You couldn’t have picked a better city at a better time. Seriously, it’s absolutely booming here. You surely noticed all the construction. It’s everywhere. Heck, we’ve even got our own little project going on here on the block: bringing the first Eataly to town!

But this boom is so much more than what’s coming, because Toronto’s already an amazing place to live. Here’s why:


You’re going to eat so well in Toronto

There’s a vegan restaurant called Planta up the street from us. They replicate dishes like short ribs, sliders and crab cakes. It’s so innovative, which is so typical of Toronto’s food scene. All over town, chefs inspired by the diversity of the city are doing some pretty unique things. You can pick by trend, style or ethnicity (we’re still the world’s most multicultural city and you can taste it). Here’s BlogTO’s list of this season’s top 10 restos. Also, if you don’t know about BlogTO yet, you should bookmark it right now.


You’re going to love walking it off through Toronto

Toronto’s best enjoyed on foot, especially from where we are on Charles Street. In 45 minutes, you can take in the high-end Mink Mile (which includes our neighbours to the north Manulife Centre), stroll through the University of Toronto’s beautiful campus and make your way into dynamic Korea Town. If you walk south from our place for half an hour you’ll pass by Queen’s Park (where the Ontario Government sits), the Discovery District, and then you’ll find yourself on trendy Queen West. No matter where you are in town, you’ll have the same experience because neighbourhoods spill into each other here. And everybody gets along.


You’re going to have something to do all the time.

Theatre. Film. Art. Sport. Food. All of it’s on full display in the city, most of it’s walkable from where we are at Bay and Bloor, and if it’s not, the subway’s accessible to 44 Charles without even having to go outside. But our residents have told us that the best deal for this kind of stuff is three blocks away at the University of Toronto. They put on fantastic showcases all the time, and Varsity Stadium’s one of the best spots in the city to catch a game.


And you’re going to love it here

We look after each other. We value our green spaces and keep them clean. We brave the winter together. We make it easy to live downtown, and easier to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

A Spring Apartment Makeover

What’s that chirping noise? What are those colourful little things peeking up from the ground?

Wait…spring’s here! And as it stretches its warm fingers over the ground outside, encouraging life wherever it goes, our residents are doing the same thing. After all, why should the outdoors get all the fun? It’s a time of regrowth and refreshment, and… well… some of our personal living spaces could do with a bit of refreshing. (more…)

At home in 44 Charles with Nicholas Rosaci

Once in a while, we’ll bring in a celebrity designer to stage a suite for us and give our residents a few good ideas they can apply to their own places.

Late last year, it was Nicholas Rosaci’s turn and he didn’t disappoint. He showed why he’s one of Toronto’s most sought-after interior designers and why he’s a regular on CityLine — Canada’s premier daytime lifestyle program. (more…)

Saturday fun with the kids at Bloor & Better

When you think of the Mink Mile on a weekend, “a fun place to bring the kids” is probably the furthest thing from your mind. And given what the area’s known for, who’d blame you?

But in and among the high-end shopping, dining & entertainment in the area, you’ll find a few hidden gems guaranteed to entertain you and the kinder.

Williams-Sonoma – Junior Chef Classes (100 Bloor Street West)

Free and suitable for kids ages 5–13, these 45- to 60-minute classes teach new cooking skills and recipes each week, from mains to desserts to snacks between meals.

The instructors genuinely love cooking and it comes through in the instruction. Your little ones will learn how to use kitchen appliances safely. They’ll have the opportunity to work on their culinary creativity. And they’ll come to appreciate that, despite what the local pizzeria has behind the counter, there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal.

The best part of these classes: they’re seasonally themed. That means you’ll have your very own sous-chefs for summer barbecues and holiday dinners when all-hands-on-deck is a must for pulling it off in style.

To see what’s on the course menu this week, call the store.

Indigo Books, Gifts and ToysStory Time (55 Bloor Street West)

If you have young kids, you know how helpful it can be to have someone else entertain them for a few minutes. That was the idea behind Story Time, and now it’s a Saturday tradition.

At 11 am, the Kids section turns into a stage for 15–30 minutes depending on attendance. The floor staff choose different books every week, and sometimes they even mix it up with special guests and puppet shows. What makes it so special is how committed the “performers” are. They genuinely love to make the kids smile and it’s easy to see.

Indigo runs a host of other children’s activities throughout the year as well. Check their event listings to see what’s happening.

Varsity Theatre (55 Bloor Street West)

Even though we can stream practically anything now, there’s still nothing like the big screen and big sound of the theatre — especially for a kid. There are normally at least a few kid-friendly films on the Varsity lineup at any given time, and there are always kid-friendly concessions at the snack bar.

The ROM (100 Queens Park)

With tons of Saturday events and programs offered year-round for both kids and parents, the ROM is always a great place to spend some family time. Want some you-time instead? Drop them off at the Saturday Morning Club between 9 am and 12 pm, park here at Manulife Centre and treat yourself to a mani-pedi at Haartek Salon or a latte and good read at Indigo.

Pro Parking Tips

Manulife Centre offers two-hour validated parking on any combination of purchases over $25. And the Varsity Theatre will give you four hours for $3.00.

Next time you’re looking to peel your kids away from their own technology on a Saturday (and maybe do a little shopping for yourself), keep the corner of Bloor & Better in mind.

Art in the Area

Living at 44 Charles Street, there’s no shortage of entertainment options. With the Varsity Cinema downstairs, the ROM down the street, and the shopping, eating and drinking options at Manulife Centre and beyond, the neighbourhood’s art galleries often get overlooked when thinking of things to do. And it’s a shame because they’re fantastic.

With just about 40 art dealers and galleries in the area, Yorkville is known as one of Toronto’s must-see Art Districts, and a top spot to shop specifically for Canadian art. Many of the galleries are housed in converted heritage homes nestled in amongst the brownstones and boutiques, and you can find anything from paintings, photography and mixed media to ceramics, glass works and sculptures to put in your apartment.


Revolver Gallery (77 Bloor St. W)
If you love pop art, Andy Warhol: Revisited is a must. Feast your eyes on his originals brought exclusively to Toronto from Los Angeles by former Torontonian Ron Rivlin. It’s the most talked about exhibition, so if you’re in the area it’s worth checking out. On now until December 31.

Image of Warhol art


Gallery Gevik (12 Hazelton Avenue)
Lovers of Canadian art will find exactly what they’re looking for at Gallery Gevik. Their commitment to representing Canadian art at its finest is demonstrated in their exhibitions of established artists. They also boast a growing collection of historical art that is worth a look.


Loch Gallery (16 Hazelton Avenue)
Originally founded in Winnipeg, Loch Galleries has been building their collection for more than 40 years. Their collection includes significant Canadian and European historical works, as well as established contemporary artists focusing mainly on sculptures and paintings.


Ingram Gallery (24 Hazelton Avenue)
This gallery showcases exclusively Canadian art. The south gallery is home to historical works while the north houses contemporary sculptures and abstract textured pieces.


Kinsman Robinson Galleries (108 Cumberland St)
Figurative fine art is Kinsman Robinson’s specialty, with gorgeous Canadian and international collections on display. You can also find Robert Davidson and Norval Morrisseau pieces here, two of Canada’s leading First Nation artists.


While you’re out shopping, check out our Pinterest page for great apartment-decorating ideas.