Naturally spring — Decorating your apartment with plants

You can put the parkas away. You can store the hats and gloves for the season and (hooray!) you can break out the sandals and shorts. Spring is in full bloom, and once you’re finished transforming your closet space for the season, you can turn your attention to your living space. (more…)

A Spring Apartment Makeover

What’s that chirping noise? What are those colourful little things peeking up from the ground?

Wait…spring’s here! And as it stretches its warm fingers over the ground outside, encouraging life wherever it goes, our residents are doing the same thing. After all, why should the outdoors get all the fun? It’s a time of regrowth and refreshment, and… well… some of our personal living spaces could do with a bit of refreshing. (more…)

At home in 44 Charles with Nicholas Rosaci

Once in a while, we’ll bring in a celebrity designer to stage a suite for us and give our residents a few good ideas they can apply to their own places.

Late last year, it was Nicholas Rosaci’s turn and he didn’t disappoint. He showed why he’s one of Toronto’s most sought-after interior designers and why he’s a regular on CityLine — Canada’s premier daytime lifestyle program. (more…)

Explore 44

Welcome to the 44 Charles Street blog, a celebration of life on the southeast corner of Bloor & Bay and a look inside the area’s most affordable high-end rental residence.

Living here has so many advantages, and you’ll see them all here on the blog. We’ll show you the building’s unique amenities like the view from the pool and offer entertaining tips if you’re using the club or party room. We’ll tour you through the great shops and services at the Manulife Centre, just steps outside 44 Charles’ lobby.

We’ll also take you on a tour of the neighbourhood and show you what gives it its character like Yorkville, the Mink Mile and quite possibly the city’s best deli.

We’ll also be sharing some apartment-living wisdom we’ve picked up over the last three decades, both here and on Pinterest. Whether you already live here or you’re thinking of moving in, you’ll find some great tips for making your space better. Keep an eye out for our guest stylists who’ll be making an appearance here from time to time, starting with Yanic Simard, who designed our furnished rental suites.

And don’t forget that you can also follow along on Twitter. That’s where we’ll be posting new vacancies, so add us if you’re keen on getting in.

In the meantime, if there’s something you want to know about life at 44 Charles Street or if you’re ready for a tour, call Stella Gomes or Michael Gula at 416.961.4998 or email