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Photograph of a library
July 30, 2015

The Library: A Not-So-Common Common Room

If you live on floors 32-50 of 44 Charles Street, you’ll have access to the 51st-floor library, a beautifully decorated space with comfortable couches, a wall of interesting books (complete with an old-school sliding ladder), a grand piano and a stunning view of the city.

It’s a wonderful place to escape to after a long day, but it’s also a versatile space. Here’s some of what happens up there:

Book clubbing: Makes sense given that it’s a library, but the way the room is set up is perfect for a group discussion. There’s plenty of natural light, the large area makes it easy to bring in additional chairs, and the bookshelf acts as an interesting and apt backdrop for guest speakers.

Songwriting: The room’s acoustics are fantastic. It’s big enough for duos, trios and even quartets to spread out and play. And because superior crafting starts with superior tools, we went all out and fitted the space with a Kawai Piano.

Photograph of the grand piano in the building's library

Brainstorming: Whatever you’re trying to come up with, the library’s positive vibe will help you get to brilliant faster. There’s ample wall space to put up sticky notes, and while we’re not too keen on people bringing in food, when you’re ready to feed your brain you can take the session down to the Bloor Street Diner.

Studying: Affordable rent and proximity to the University of Toronto make 44 Charles a popular address for students. When exam time rolls around and cabin fever sets in their apartments, many will relocate to the library for a change of scenery and a fresh look at the material — or maybe just a nap on the couch.

Contemplating life: Sometimes you just need perspective. The view from the 51st floor will certainly give it to you.

The library’s just one of the common spaces available for 44 Charles Street residents to enjoy. Have a look at more of them on our website, or call 416.961.4998 to arrange a tour.