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December 8, 2015

Explore 44 … on a date

If you live at 44 Charles, you don’t have to go far to put a great date together, from a restaurant with the best view of the city to a movie at the best theatre in town.

Here are four easy dates you can plan:

The High End

Start 51 floors above the city at The One Eighty for appies, drinks and one of the best panoramic views of Toronto.

Cocktail drinks

After some piri piri chicken drummies, stroll over to the ROM for 214,000 square feet of wonderful conversation starters.

After you’re done browsing lost civilizations and prehistoric skeletons, it’s time for a swanky dinner at ONE Restaurant on Yorkville Ave. It’s one of many fancy dining spots in the area, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like Mark McEwan’s version of fancy.

The Hang In

Not interested in venturing very far? Don’t.

Begin with a light bite at Bloor Street Diner. Then after a short window-shopping walk through Manulife Centre, head up to the indoor pool on the 51st floor and dive in! After a spirited splash, dry off to the fantastic view of downtown Toronto.  Swimming may seem like a bold choice if you’ve just met this person, but bold ideas often make the best dates.

Image of a swimming pool

Once you’re both dry and back in your cozy clothes, catch the elevator down to Varsity Cinemas and settle in for a movie. You may notice the swim has revived your appetite, which couldn’t be more perfectly timed for that popcorn.

The Saturday Afternoon Special

Day dates are great because allSaturday afternoon is one of the best times to get out of the house and go have an adorable date. All you really need is a sandwich and a sidewalk.

Start at the Bloor Street Market sandwich counter. Ciabatta, Panini, grilled cheese, grilled Naan — it’s all there and it’s all good. Once you’ve got your sandwiches in hand, it’s time for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Image of a sandwich

Good walking routes are endless here, but we suggest heading west on Bloor along the Mink Mile, all the way down to Honest Ed’s, then back east on the opposite side of the street and into Yorkville. Once your cheeks are sufficiently rosy, head to Bedford and Prince Arthur, and cozy up to a couple pints at Bedford Academy.

The Dry Date

Not all dates have to revolve around dinner or drinks.

Meet your date at Indigo. Head to the family game section and pick out a board game that sparks a little nostalgia in both of you. Something like Monopoly, Clue or Scrabble.

To fuel your impending playful competition, you’ll want to grab some giant coffees and maybe a few sweets from Starbucks on the first level. Then head up to the library on the top floor. It’s quiet, it’s romantic and it’s the perfect place to kick your date’s butt with a triple-word score.

Image of a library

For more fun things to do at 44 Charles, check out the Explore 44 Pinterest page.